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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to collate some frequent questions below. Please get in touch if you have any doubts which are not addressed here.

For AP Courses you have to be in High School.

It is advisable that you take these in parallel to the curriculum being followed in your School. If you’re homeschooling then discuss with the Tutor first.

The process is to get counseled by the respective Tutor first. After that to enroll you have to fill a form with your details and then you’ll be registered for tutoring.

If you feel that you want to drop out then it can be done at the month’s end. Please discuss with your Tutor.

That depends on the course you are applying for. You will more detailed information once you contact us regarding a course.

All assistance, to your satisfaction will be provided by the Tutor. We are also planning to introduce an AI Assistant. ChatGPT-4 or equivalent.

All information regarding this will be provided by the Tutor. You may have to get a recommended Textbook and Workbook.

All information about Fees will be provided once you fill and send us the Contact Form showing interest in a course.

Mostly in the first week of every month.

Right now we accept PayPal.

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