Our Story

About us

After years of being in the field of learning and research, I decided to try my skills at education sector.

Post Covid-19, Online Learning has become a convenient mode of educating students. Even though there are lots of differences from a traditional classroom, the basic relationship between a dedicated teacher and a student remains the same. With Virtual & Augmented Reality not far off, we believe that Online Learning is the future.

Our Story Starts early…

I started tutoring in my Freshman year in College. Because it was so much fun. As the years have evolved my interest in teaching has waxed and waned but never really gone to zero.

Learning has always fascinated me.

I have been closely following various methodologies in education like, specially designed instruction (SDI), and interventions like UbD (understanding by design), UDL (universal design for learning), DI (differentiated instruction), and PBL (project- or problem-based learning). Each one of these can be effectively implemented Online.

We believe that Online Learning is where it will all come together.

Our Mission and Core Values

Knowledge accumulation, committed teaching and involved humans. That’s all there is. Digital revolution and technology will melt away the physical boundaries. Online Education will mold and shape the future of learning.

Our Core values are holistic teaching along with pragmatic requirements of the subject.

The Vision is to create an Online Platform for all Super Teachers to adopt and offer their knowledge as Courses in different fields.

The Mission is to improve, refine, perfect Online Teaching and bring it at par with a Physical Classroom. And make it better!

Online Learning is the Future of Education

Future is when students have the ability to choose and customize their learning. The traditional classroom which generally offers one size fit all has been non-productive for many students.

Online education is still in its nascent stage. The various components which work are different from the established ones. As we better with practice what adds is the that technology is getting adapted more, more tools are being developed all of which will also to lead cost effective solutions.

More importantly Online education offers fairness to students for it gives them opportunity to take courses which may not be available near them. They also get to have high quality, Super Tutors, to supplement lectures.

More than 6 million students are currently in online courses as part of their higher education program

Covid-19 saw online learning adaptation increase exponentially.

Almost half of all students enrolled in online courses are educated exclusively through distance education

A combination of Online Classes and Offline study material makes learning easier than conventional style.

85% of students think that online learning is the same or better than the traditional classroom experience

Finally the quality of teaching content and the teaching skills of the Tutor are the most important factors. Super Tutors score high on both these counts!

Start Learning New Knowledge and Experience, Together!

A comprehensive approach towards learning. Super Tutors with your best interest in their minds!